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Now I know what every one of you might be thinking, you cannot make a comment or get an idea about a person based on their body types. It is true, and I do agree with this thing. But over the years, there have been countless proofs that if you have a particular body shape, then there is a similar trait among the women with that same kind of body. It may be too difficult to digest this fact but listed below are 6 body shapes which tell you what kind of relationship women are looking for.

6. Pear Shaped

As it happens, if a woman has a body shape that is similar to that of a pear then she is more open minded. She will be open minded regarding almost all aspects of life. But that’s not all. If the woman has a pear shaped body then she is more likely to be open to one night stands. Since she approaches everything with an open mind, one night stands are not treated any differently nor it is looked down upon.

5. Apple Shaped

If a woman has an apple shaped body that means she is filled with endorphin. For those of who don’t know what endorphin is; it is a chemical inside our body that is known for uplifting the mood and causing happiness. So if a woman has an apple shaped body then she is always likely to stay happy. Furthermore, she tends to prefer monogamy. For her, only one part are enough and she is happy that way.

4. Banana Shaped

Women who have a body that looks like a banana are the skinny girls. They are always very picky about everything in life and will take a long time to assess things before choosing them. Similarly, they will also be picky about who they date and choose to sleep with. They will take a long time to consider and if the guy is impressive, only then she will accept him.

3. Strawberry Shaped

Strawberry shaped girls are somewhat everyone’s favorite kind of girls. These are the busty kind of woman. They are busty and are always proud of that. They don’t mind showing off their body but don’t let that fool you. She may enjoy everyone’s attention but when it comes to relationships, she has a set standard. Strawberry shaped women will only prefer to go into the relationship with people who are smart and quite intelligent.

2. Peanut Shaped

Probably the one shape that everyone actually longs for, peanut shaped girls have thin waists and are blessed with great proportions. They are usually the strong women who are not shy of confidence. They can walk on their own and don’t exactly need the approval of any men. But if they choose to be with somebody, they would prefer somebody of equal confidence and strength.

1.Diamond Shaped

These are the women who are usually the introverts. They remain shy most of the time and tend to stay in the shadows. They think a lot before committing to somebody and it takes a great deal of effort to woo them over.

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