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Cheryl and Bobby Love have a sweet love story, although some people will not say that it is romantic. They had been living together for four decades already, so you would probably think that they already have it all figured out. Maybe they even know the secret to a relationship. Even though things might look that way from the outside, there was something about Bobby that his wife did not know about. When she learned this from an unlikely source, everything fell apart.

After 40 Years Of Being Married, Woman Finds Out From The FBI Who Her Husband Really Is

They Were Married For Decades But He Had Been Hiding His True Self From Her The Entire Time

Not Your Typical Morning

One January morning in 2015, Cheryl got up and started the day as she normally did. She went about her routine while Bobby, her husband, kept sleeping in the bedroom. She was startled when she heard knocking on the door. During an interview, she narrated her strange experience to the Humans of New York page, “I opened it slowly and saw the police standing there.”

Not Your Typical Morning
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