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The new day came impregnating us with sperms of a shopping spree. Ankrah called in order to aver what he had said yesterday; he implored me to assist him buy a home appliance in town.

I joined up with him quickly after getting his confirmation. We met at the station. Since the “trosky” was delaying, we chartered a car online — it was Bolt. Choosing it was due to its flexible charges. Not far from the truth…from La to Adabraka cost 10 cedi only.

Had it been the usual taxi, we would have paid a fare circa 20 cedis. The car arrived in four minutes, upon request. We embarked on our buying spree, spiritedly grinding on.

Let me gloss you over our innocuous chitchat. It’s peeking at a well-packaged embodiment of a beautiful ‘tilapia’ joint on our way. Ankrah argued “it’s all about the packaging,” whereas I was also factoring other things into consideration. (Sorry, if you didn’t get the intuition). We had so many things going on in our brains. You know young men in their twenties.

All they would be wishing is owning a property. At least Camry or a consolable Picanto car isn’t bad at all. These conversations made our trekking to town euphoric. The driver also shared his experience with us. Well, the driving business was his second source of income.

He is a cooperate man in his thirties, yet driving us. Nonetheless, we knew very well that he was far better oriented in business than any of us. We merited some free advice from him. Fortunately, we got to our destination successfully.

It was a traffic free day coupled with drizzling. For those who are lawfully married, they would say, ‘the weather was demanding for four legs.’

The writer in the middle

God being so good, Ankrah had been able to rent a room but now furnishing it steadily. Today’s transaction was purposely to buy an Air-conditioner. Since the bargaining had been done already online, we didn’t waste much ado. We therefore bought a 1.5Hp Nasco Air-conditioner and went our way.

When we got to his new place, the appliance was placed at a safe place, because it would not be installed that very day. There was the need of buying a sofa. In the interim, it had gotten to our attention that Dzartei, our colleague, had gone for a locally made sofa. Admittedly, he had rented an apartment some two months ago, so we left to his place to see what he had gotten for himself.

All this while, I had plans of renting a place, with my very poised budget. (Remember, we are not in normal times). Anyway, renting in Accra is a form of robbery. Landlords will take you two years advance. Even so, some of the rooms they have prepared to offer have been in existence for over four decades, dilapidated with no proper washrooms.

If you’re lucky enough, you could get a chamber and hall with the washroom outside the room, at some corner in the house. One that you would share with other occupants and/or tenants of the house. That said, if you’re unfortunate, you would have to pay and bath. You would also do “number two” outside. (The “matter chop hot”, right?). Dzartei’s hood wasn’t far from where Ankrah had rented so we trekked to his place soberly. In about five minutes, we arrived at his location.

To be continued…


©Abdul Rahman Odoi(BIGODOI™️)

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