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Men should be warned on the type of ladies that they are dating or those around them because of what they can do to them. Men always make a big mistake thinking that they are physically stronger than women and they are always seeing themselves as the top of everything. Sometimes however tables turn and these men find themselves turning for help because of the women that they taught they controlled.

Men when you see a lady with always a strict face, you should never play with her unless you are willing to face the consequences that accompany playing with a serious lady. She may give you a very serious look that will totally finish you off even without using a physical approach. Whenever you see a lady, not entertaining nonsense, as a man, you should just avoid playing with her for your own safety.

Also when you find out that your lady is always keeping quiet about things that you talk badly without her reactions being open, she is not entertaining nonsense at all. She might be pilling up all the wrongs and insults that you are telling her and one day you will find it rough. The best thing a man should always do is not giving ladies pressure because when a lady becomes angry, she might end up pumping all the pressure to you and believe you me, you wouldn’t like the effects

Therefore, I will advise men never to play with the ladies. If they see any of the above things that I have mentioned, they should just get away and turn for their lives. Ladies don’t want jokes and they may decide to punish you in a way that is totally unfriendly and unforgettable. You should just know the type of ladies who entertain drama and those who don’t take things lightly if you want to be safe as a man.


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