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Photo Credit: Adrian McDonald

If I ever had the will power,

I’ll peek through the records of death
And see first my date of departure

Who’d afford a cozy state of happiness
to be diluted with a bitter syrup,
and later foist himself to drink late at night?

So, I’ve taken death as a sordid enemy
For its harbored abyss of hatred for humanity
And hypocritically promising a visit after hairs turn grey

I defiantly dread about death
If it was a ‘god’ I’d have worshipped it
Cos I yearn to be freed of its peril

I’m howled in pain after being disillusioned
Henceforth, I’d only walk on earth as a sojourner
I now know death is closer than man’s shadow

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©Abdul Rahman Odoi(Mr. Odoi)

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