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I’ve gotten a pussy neighbor,
in the new abode I reside
She only visits at dawn
When she senses I’m asleep,
she takes control over the balcony
and tumbles my dustbin with authority

Times that I locked the lid tightly,
she meows to chide my generosity,
as though it was her property
The untold secret, however is,
she derives pleasure therefrom
Days that she gets the best
She goes kraa. Kra. Kraa.
Crunching voraciously!

Unfortunately interesting
She depicts bravado
Walks away with shoulders hunched
Simply, my neighbor lacks manners
I’ve been looking for her the tad long
One afternoon, I chanced on her
But I couldn’t nab her, she fled
I’ve issued a stern warning out there
— that she should be wary of me

This night she came around
After satisfying herself,
She brazenly thrown away my lid
Splashed the rubbish all over
And left me a ‘stench-parcel’
I’m still cleaning the mess
It’s not that I’m an irascible lad
This cat is just the silliest ever
I so hate cats who visit late at night.

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©Abdul Rahman Odoi (BigOdoi)

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