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📸Alec Mai Gida

Silent wars are fought in a tearless cry
On a stormy rainy day in a deserted sky
Broken feathers glide like a tiny fractured kite
Amidst raging storms on a moonless night

Dry eyes too have tears yet remain hidden
Beneath deep wells of sorrow and longing
Drying upon splashing on deserted cheeks
Painful glory drifts swiftly along the horizon

Loud etching silence of grief and desolation
Yet deaf ears listen in cold frenzy tribulation
Camouflage tears cascade in foggy celebration
Blind eyes gaze with mischief and victimisation

Gloomy days will soon blossom into sunlight
Joy comes unannounced with full might
Beaming smiles arc across sagged faces
To cast away momments of loneliness.


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