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As she stirred the mixture, I watched. “Meri” I called out. “Are you sure this will be enough for us all?” I queried. Silence was the response I got. I knew I further had to keep mute.
Being an ardent lover and a die-hard fan of banku, I knew that quantity won’t be enough for the seven of us. I can gulp four and half
if it was wrapped just as in the size of tennis ball. If it’s a bit bigger, three and a half will do. May be I’m an amateur glutton.
“Yaay!” I exclaimed in my head. “These balls are extremely small. Ayyub and I will vanquish them in a blink”.
I arched a plan. The serpent silence of the atmosphere was sliced. Meri turned to me and spoke. “Now these should be okay for this evening and at dawn. It’s Ramadan and people barely consume much”.
“Whaaaat?!” Though I shouted yet I alone heard. I gave a dumb polite nod. “Yeah” but “nay” in affirmation.
The whole fascinating thing is that she didn’t count them. Our eyes met when I was done staring in the chest. Ayyub gave me the “Ya dun know” look. I librated my eyes from his.
That fateful evening, each took one ball except for myself and my brother. We went for two each. On a normal given day, it’s one for two. There lie three leftovers. I thought harder about how I should secure if not all two at least.
“Kandy girl” my dad called affectionately. “Get my hat from my wardrobe. It’s time for prayers” He requested.
“Ah! bingo! Alas, I found what to do with the banku!
It was dawn. Meri marveled where the rest of the balls were. She did know more than one was left. She said “ban kidaaye ba amaa wanda ya saura yaafi guda” to wit “I’ve not counted but the remaining is more than one”.
“Wo! does I care? Your eyes must see your ears” I said to myself as I innocently looked away. Her eyes were fixed on me. I reached for a plate and fetched some stew. I opened my wardrobe and reached for the two ‘missing’ bankus I miserably hid.
Seriously I did it and I’m not remorseful. They had tea to drink. Ayyub shook his head ridiculously. I redirected my gaze towards the wall to avoid his.
“It’s called survival of the fittest” Ask Charles Darwin. A thunderous laughter accompanied.

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