July 21, 2018
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July 14, 2019

Between the walls of prison

I joined Success Book Club on a trip to Nsawan prison as part of its fourth anniversary activities. I must confess I appreciated Asa’s “Jailer”. As a member, I raised my hand to be listed among those going. I got chills as I pondered over stories I heard and those I read from the papers on prison sentences, reforms and life in between those walls. I wondered what it felt like to be robbed of one’s liberty. These and many unsaid others got me nervous.
Upon getting to Nsawam,I felt a difference between the environments. “In there is a country on it’s own” the officer told us. We passed through all the formalities and in we were, in I was. Hamza was in my grip Sorry but I was cold. I listened to the questions asked by members. I gave same heed to the answers by the officer. My eyes went about. All the faces I sighted were just like ‘Okay’. Each one of the inmates I saw went about his work like no one’s business. I can’t tell what’s on the mind. We didnt have the opportunity to interact with them. For some reasons. On my extreme left, there were a couple of them having their hair barbered by their colleagues. On the north were the ballers. In the air were voices singing praises from the church.
The muslims among them were equally accorded the time to observe prayers too. There was a centre for counseling and that of education. Success Book Club donating the books was just right.
All seemed normal, on the outside. If you’ve stayed in a boarding school, you’ll appreciate what I’m saying the most. Despite the restriction in movement they get get access to basic neccessities. Not conjugal rights. The officer said to we they haven’t gotten there yet. If you are free and walking about, walk well not just with strength. Troubles are avoidable. We know some inmates have done nothing to deserve any sentence but they are there. Its why perhaps I was cold. Inna, the officer who said he’ll “finger” me? Well I’ll leave that for another time.

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  1. Bambarian says:

    Wonderful experience and interestingly put into words.

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