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The family of Dr Fred MacPalm, owner of the Citadel Hospital at Alajo, who was arrested on Friday for operating a ‘bombs and guns factory’ at the facility says he has been “kidnapped”, reports.

The medical doctor was arrested alongside a Volta region-based blacksmith by a joint Police-Military-National Security operation after 15 months on the radar. reported earlier that 15 assault rifles and a stockpile of explosives were retrieved in the raid, but the family of Dr MacPalm believes they were planted at the facility in “a clear case of a set up”.

According to eyewitnesses, a contingent of about 10 men clad in military apparel in 4 military vehicles stormed the Citadel at Alajo: the mobile phones of the nurses, patients and staff of the hospital were seized before the raid was conducted.

They say the medical doctor was handcuffed and taken away after the locally manufactured guns were picked up from where the generator set is located.


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