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 C’est la vie…!
Many are here for the view
The concerned are but few
If only you care to know
It’s all up to you

C’est la vie…!
Some may cheer you
Others may jeer at you
Opinions will never cease
Find from them your motivation

 C’est la vie..!
We pray; deliver us from evil
But do we get to choose our evil?
Ponder! You might be your own devil
Would you then run from yourself?

C’est la vie..!
Some evil seem to always smile
And the good seem to always frown
Beauty can be so deceptive
Would you not weigh to reach understanding

C’est la vie..!
Pain is a friend
Suffering is the enemy
If we aren’t immune to pain
Why should we keep on suffering?

©Hamza Hajj Ayub


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