ChatInterviewWith: Ayisha Rashid, brain behind “Fun Time with Shetulina”

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July 16, 2019
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July 17, 2019

ChatInterviewWith: Ayisha Rashid, brain behind “Fun Time with Shetulina”

KA: Hi, welcome to Kandey’s Corner

AR: Hi, thanks

KA: You’re good?

AR: Yeah. Yourself?

KA: Sure I am too. Tell us who you are.

AR: I’m Aisha Abdul Rashid. I live around Accra Newtown. I’m into business.

KA: Business of what kind?

AR: I sell slippers. Both wholesale and retail

KA: females, males or both?

AR: Yeah. Both

KA: How is the slippers business like?

AR: It’s fine. I normally deal with orders. You make half Payment then I order for you.

KA: Okay so you dont make them?

AR: No

KA: What then do you make by yourself?

AR: Mum’s lamurji and sobolo

KA: Great. Tell us more about that.

AR: My mum has been selling lamurji before I was born and she still sells it. We currently added sobolo . We make much sells during Ramadan but normal sells after Ramadan. That’s our means of survival.

KA: Nice. “Kakrakakra Akukor b3num nsuo” hope I got that right. My focus is on the children’s fair you held. What informed that?

AR: Sure. Thanks. It’s all started last year during eid’adhA when I attended a friends party for kids. I was very happy. So I sat down and thought. No one has ever done anything like this in the neighborhood let me try. I tried last year December 1st. The crowd was very okay so I decided to do it yearly in shaa Allah
I’m doing it to make the kids feel happy, to make them feel loved . To entertain them. To educate them. To help them socialize among themselves.

KA: Which activities were carried out?

AR: SpellingB
Dancing competition
Lime and spoon
Face painting
Free sobolo ,popcorn,sweets,doughnuts and drinks

KA: Did you reward the winners of the spelling B, Mental and dance competition?

AR: Yes

KA: Was there any form of sponsorship?

AR: From few friends

KA: you’ve done a great job. What in life inspires you,?

AR: Thanks. Naturally I love kids. I love giving. I love making people happy. I look at my mum and I want to do more.

KA: Pretty good. Givers they say never lack. Keep it up dear. What has been very difficult for you?

AR: About life or the program?

KA: Everything in general.

AR: There are times when I feel all hope is down . When it comes to surviving to family issues, to education and all that. There’s a saying. Every unique person should have a great story so I believe it’s normal to encounter obstacle in the journey of life. Above all we give thanks to Allah.

KA: Yeah all praises to Him. “every unique person should have a great story”. That noted. Before you go, tell us how you can be reached in case slippers or lamurji is needed?

AR: I have a page on Facebook. “Hajia Awo’s collections/Hajia Awo’s varieties. These are my contacts 0574467292/0246070456. I can be easily reached through any of these platforms.

KA: Alright thank you for your time and keep your head up always.

AR: Welcome

See photos below

Ayisha with the children at the funfair


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