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KA: Hi, welcome to Kandey’s Corner

AR: Hi, thanks

KA: You’re good?

AR: Yeah. Yourself?

KA: Sure I am too. Tell us who you are.

AR: I’m Aisha Abdul Rashid. I live around Accra Newtown. I’m into business.

KA: Business of what kind?

AR: I sell slippers. Both wholesale and retail

KA: females, males or both?

AR: Yeah. Both

KA: How is the slippers business like?

AR: It’s fine. I normally deal with orders. You make half Payment then I order for you.

KA: Okay so you dont make them?

AR: No

KA: What then do you make by yourself?

AR: Mum’s lamurji and sobolo

KA: Great. Tell us more about that.

AR: My mum has been selling lamurji before I was born and she still sells it. We currently added sobolo . We make much sells during Ramadan but normal sells after Ramadan. That’s our means of survival.

KA: Nice. “Kakrakakra Akukor b3num nsuo” hope I got that right. My focus is on the children’s fair you held. What informed that?

AR: Sure. Thanks. It’s all started last year during eid’adhA when I attended a friends party for kids. I was very happy. So I sat down and thought. No one has ever done anything like this in the neighborhood let me try. I tried last year December 1st. The crowd was very okay so I decided to do it yearly in shaa Allah
I’m doing it to make the kids feel happy, to make them feel loved . To entertain them. To educate them. To help them socialize among themselves.

KA: Which activities were carried out?

AR: SpellingB
Dancing competition
Lime and spoon
Face painting
Free sobolo ,popcorn,sweets,doughnuts and drinks

KA: Did you reward the winners of the spelling B, Mental and dance competition?

AR: Yes

KA: Was there any form of sponsorship?

AR: From few friends

KA: you’ve done a great job. What in life inspires you,?

AR: Thanks. Naturally I love kids. I love giving. I love making people happy. I look at my mum and I want to do more.

KA: Pretty good. Givers they say never lack. Keep it up dear. What has been very difficult for you?

AR: About life or the program?

KA: Everything in general.

AR: There are times when I feel all hope is down . When it comes to surviving to family issues, to education and all that. There’s a saying. Every unique person should have a great story so I believe it’s normal to encounter obstacle in the journey of life. Above all we give thanks to Allah.

KA: Yeah all praises to Him. “every unique person should have a great story”. That noted. Before you go, tell us how you can be reached in case slippers or lamurji is needed?

AR: I have a page on Facebook. “Hajia Awo’s collections/Hajia Awo’s varieties. These are my contacts 0574467292/0246070456. I can be easily reached through any of these platforms.

KA: Alright thank you for your time and keep your head up always.

AR: Welcome

See photos below

Ayisha with the children at the funfair


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  1. I’m your biggest fan I so much admire her that I’m actually following her on Facebook,I’m from Nigeria i stay alone in Lagos states,i was actually looking for the name of her drink and especially the ones for infection,was looking for on how it’s been prepared and the ingredients,love you so much at Iysha continue with the good job,almighty Allah bless you.

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