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This is an exclusive chat with the president of Al farhan family. Come and let’s get talking about the one-time star of Bahool!

KA: lets talk about bahlool
JL: OK OK.I’m with you Madam
KA: First your name and what you do
JL: Thanks. I’m Jaasim Larry, the President of Al Farhaan Family popularly known as Yaaran Bahlool
KA: Wow, where Al Farhaan means?
JL: Happiness.
KA: and Bahlool?
JL: The actual Arabic word is “Buhlool”. I realised that after the name went viral. Buhlool means “those who smile and make people smile”
KA: Beautiful. In a nutshell, Al Farhan Family/ Yaaran Bahlool is all about Hapiness?
JL: Yes
KA: What inspired Al Farhaan Family?
JL: I was inspired by what the Quran and Hadiths says about helping the poor and needy especially orphans…Why not we extend our wings to help put smiles of their faces… As our slogan goes “Let The UMMAH smiles”
KA: Good. A step in the right direction. What have you done so far?
JL: Ermmm ALHAMDULILLAH ALHAMDULILLAH ALHAMDULILLAH ALHAMDULILLAH. May 2015, we visited Awudome cemetary. In 2016, we donated to an Orphanage in Ofankor around Kasoa. In August we collaborated with Star Creative life for a peace forum and walk towards 2016 election.In 2017, we donated to Accra Children’s Hospital in April. Then collaborated with a health institution for a free health screening in Mamobi September. Around November we visited the graveyard again

In October 2016… We organised an inter-madrasa Quran memorization quiz competition in Kasoa. 2019 July, we donated to a deprived village Ekupong in the central region. Now working on an Eid Adha get together Jilbab Concept in August Inn shaa Allah.

JL: The JILBAB CONCEPT was organized in 2017 in Mamobi for free to help gather all Muslims in the nation to climax the Eid celebration.  Along the line this year In shaa Allah we are planning an inter-schools sports competition and Health Walk in shaa Allah
KA: wow, what a workload! great job done! this means the organisation is five years old already. when is the Jilbab Concept happening again?

JL: On the 18th of August In shaa Allah 😊

KA: Why is this one coming at a rate?

JL: In 2017, the donation took place in April so we were able to prepare ourselves financially for the concept in September. This time around the donation was in this month and next month is the donation so we are financially down to sponsor fully the program.

KA: what should we expect from this second edition?

JL: What do you think…??Having Mumin the Wordsmith, Ayuba The Poet, Abira Ijiora, Jundullah of Quran Klinic, Faisal Musah and many more renowned poets under one umbrella😊Fun packed activities to make the day a memorable one….Poetry, Quran recitals, it takes 2, debate, drama, and many more you can’t afford to miss my dear😊

KA: surely I shouldn’t miss too. You can’t go without answering this: we all face challenges at a point but how we face them is what differentiate us. How did you respond to yours?

ALLAH will surely test us all since we believe

He trust He is the only one to get we covered and yes we face challenges but still focused on the process.
KA: okay???
JL: Actually, every problem or challenge has got its distinct effect likewise it’s ways of curbing it…One general challenge every society or association faces is the problem of finance. However, we’ve been able to make a difference here by putting measures like;

I. Stating clearly rules and regulations before recruiting any new member.
ii. Any member who fails to comply with the said rules and regulations shall be removed with immediate effect.
iii. Executives of the group shall be accountable for all financial and other related issues hence leading to transparency.
KA: Wait, number ii, isn’t it way too harsh? What if the person has tangible reasons for failing to do something?
JL: ii takes about rules on the whatsapp page🙏 Actually if a member fails to pay his or her dues for 3 consecutive months

Then he or she shall be removed. You’ll have to accept this term before admitting you😊

KA: Now that is better to know. lol. so far so good. I hope this is a very comprehensible conversation for readers.
KA: How can Al Farhan Family be reached?

JL: Maa shaa Allahh. Tanks very much Sister😊You’re great😊

Our Main office:

Kasoa, Tuba
Near Tuba Islamic SHS
GPS: GS-0630-0996

[email protected]

Tel.: 0244352096 / 0540901089

P. O. Box 6963
Accra North

KA: Final words?

JL: We can’t say much because we’ve not gotten to our destination but Alhamdulillah we are better now than we were yesterday… We’re living no stone unturned in order to pursue and execute our functions.

We say thanks to all those who’ve supported us throughout the movement and I encourage everyone to also support us whether in kind or perhaps cash to carry on with activities.

KA: and that is all for today on ChatInterviewWith.


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