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KA: Salamualaik

MFT: Wa alaikissalaam

KA: This is Kandey’s Corner and you are warmly welcomed

MFT: Thank you very much, I am really honored for this opportunity and it is well appreciated

KA: Yeah. Your name and what you do?

MFT: I am Tamim Muhammadul-fateh but popularly known as Jundiyullah Asadul-Islam
I am the CEO and Director of Quran Klinik and a student as well.

KA: What is Quran Klinik?

MFT: Quran Klinik is an institution established to help inculcate in the Muslim youth, a culture of Quran recitation and general Islamic virtues”

KA: Further elaborations about this institute will benefit a lot.

MFT: Quran Klinik seeks to spread the knowledge of the Quran and its proper recitation with the help of a manual titled Principles of Tajweed (Approved by College of Holy Quran and Islamic studies-Madina-Accra) in the Hafs way of recitation.

Quran Klinik was established for workers, tertiary students and senior high school graduates. Hence we have flexible class periods which are subject to change should the need arise.

It is not a gender biased institute, everyone has equal opportunities to express themselves and improve on their recitation.

Our institution also seeks to provide assistance to individuals willing and ready to learn the Quran and its rules on-site or online.

KA: Good one there! What motivated you?

MFT: My motivation was actually from a brother called Naa Ninche who advised me to actually teach the Quran in a different way and style considering how passionate I was about seeing people read Quran properly with its rules

KA: You’ve got a great friend to have suggested that to you. People like him are those needed when climbing up the ladder. Do you have any associates?

MFT: Sure. At the moment we are just two in number my self and my registrar who is in the person of Alimatu Mohammed Bashiru.

KA: So far what has been the response?

MFT: Hamdulillah the response has been great since the beginning of the Institution

The number Of students keep rising after ever badge

All thanks and venerations are indeed due to Allah

KA: Masha Allah. We know every entrepreneur or business person encounters some difficulties. Tell us yours and how you’ve overcomed them.

MFT: The difficulty I encountered was during the period of publishing the manual for the Tajweed course that is the Principles of Tajweed

During this period there was a night I came back home from a program very tired so I went straight to bed and before I woke up my laptop and my phone were all stolen with all my work and unfortunately I didn’t have any part of my book backed up by then

I nearly gave up the dream of publishing the book and establishing the Institution

But encouragement from family and friends pushed to start typing all over again which took about four sleepless nights and days to complete it

It’s due to the encouragement and motivation I got from family and friends that pushed me to continue what I started so I always say this the people you associate yourself with influence your decisions a lot so make good and right choices of the people around you.

Another is financing the launch of the manual to help commence the Institution

I went out in search of finance to execute this task
I went out met people and organizations but all to no avail until Allah help me through a friend who suggest two people called Mr Mohammed and Mr. Tijani who help me and Hamdulillah today through their efforts Quran Klinik is here to stay.

It was the verse in the Quran chapter 65 verse 2-3 that kept me going

And indeed those verses made a great impact in my dreams of seeing the Quran Klinik established

Always have an intrinsic motivational factor for that can help push you towards achieving your dreams.

KA: That is awesome. When you have grit, nothing is impossible for you to achieve. Indeed. So where is the school located?

MFT: It is located at Ashaley Botwe Newtown Close to the Ashaley Botwe Central Masjid (Mosque)

KA: Okay and social media handles?

MFT: Our social media handles are Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and Snapchat.

And the search name is Quran Klinik. We also have a website www.quranklinik.com

KA: Man you mean business😃

MFT: 😊😊😊

KA: And The principles of Tajweed?

MFT: Yes that’s the manual written by myself to serve as a guide through the 4 months course titled Reading the Quran with Tajweed we offer. This book came about through the advice of brother Naa Ninche as I said earlier

We were once having a chat and he asked me: “Brother Jundiyullah, are you not good at the Quran recitation?”

I answered: “yes I am”

And he asked again: “haven’t you studied Arabic and Islamic studies at the Institute of Islamic Studies – Research (Nima-Accra)”

And I responded “yes I have”

Then he said: “you have a good English background too so why don’t you teach the Quran differently?”

His final question gave birth to both the manual Principles of Tajweed and Quran Klinik

KA: Yes and his final question is nurturing and raising splendid Qaaris. Thanks so much but before you go kindly drop some photos.

MFT: Indeed Hamdulillah. Jazaakillaahu khairan.

Photos below:

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