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KA: Hello? How do you do?
RAM: Hi, how do you do
KA: Welcome to Kandey’s Corner
RAM: It’s my pleasure
KA: great. who is Rahma Harun or should I say Ramastyle?
RAM: First of all, I’ll thank kandey’s Corner for the opportunity given me to tell the world who I am and what I’ve got.

I am Rahmat Harun but my social media name “BRAND” is Ramastyle, I am 21 years of age, a fashion student and a fashion influencer.
KA: Kandey’s corner is grateful too for granting this interview. Wow, we may understand who a fashion student is but fashion influencer means?
RAM: A fashion influencer is a personality that has a large number of followers on social media, creates mainly fashion content and has the power to influence the opinion and purchase behavior of others with their recommendations. Before social media, they would have been called It girls ߘタ
KA: Interesting. What was the motivation?
RAM: Wow great question I love African culture
And I want to use the African culture to create unique style and designs. So in general I was motivated by African culture and style And am proud to be an African
KA: Of course you should, lol. Anyway what so far have you achieved?
RAM: I think have used my style to influence many fashion industry to embrace the African culture and fashionNow African fashion is trending ones again
KA: Lets talk about Anisa fashion world.
RAM: Okay
KA: Do you own it?
RAM: Yes please
KA: how did you come by it?
RAM: With the help of the most high and my mom
KA: What has been your most hardest moment throughout your life?
RAM: Wow
KA: yeah, we’re all earsߘ￀
RAM: Growing up, life hasn’t been easy for me
My hardest moment in life was three years ago when my parents got divorced and trust me Whoever have been in this situation knows how I felt by then and even know
KA: hmm, How did it affect you?
RAM: I’m crying right now ߘᅠ
It was tough because me, my mum and my sisters had no money, lived in a one bedroom flat (until we could get a council house) and my mum ended up working 2, sometimes 3, jobs in order to give us a good life, which she absolutely did. We may not have had the best clothes or everything we wanted, but she always tried to give us everything she could, and we never went hungry.
At the end of the day my mum is incredibly heroic for raising us on her own, and I don’t care that I barely hear from my dad.
But trust me now everything is going in smoothly by God’s Grace
KA: Goodness. Thats the power of a strong woman. She’s done a great job. May Allah keep elevating you guys. you need to thank the almighty. wipe your tears and put on that broad smiles dear
RAM: Exactly
KA: To be convinced you are smiling, kindly drop a photo for my readers, if you dont mind. you’ve come a long way. A lot would wish to be in your place (Photo below)
RAM: I know right, each and everyone should keep this in mind, no matter what life gives you and no matter what life takes from you, you should never give up
KA: Thats the spirit girl! Thank you very much for your time. We hope that in the nearer future, you be greater than nowߘ￀
RAM: You’re welcome and thank you for having me ߙoo.


KA: She’s Ramastyle on instagram and facebook.


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  1. Interesting. God bless you dear. It’s not easy at all in this life. Each person i believe has a story to tell. 😊😊

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