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I dream of a beautiful Ghana

Where the roads are neat and clean
Where proper public toilets are built
And the fields are always green
I dream of Ghana free from diseases
Where hygiene is maintained by all
Where people take care about proper sanitation
And realize that clean Ghana is the nation’s call
Till when will the village women strive?
Who will listen to their voices and let them survive?
Yes, we the youth will become the nation’s guide
And we all together will fight for hygiene and sanitary rights
Those who join hands for this noble cause
To them, we all must salute
And for those insouciant people of the nation
I regret calling them as Ghanaians
Gandhiji had said- ‘We are the country’s scavengers’
He himself removed dirt from the streets
I salute Bapu for his thoughts
For a speckless India he had fought
Cleanliness is our ideal
Good sanitation our goal
with Ghana’s blessings and love
All the hurdles, we can easily overcome
Our actions will be dynamic
Nobody can stop us from heading toward the peak
I am sure the rays of hope won’t fade
All problems of hygiene and sanitation will soon become abate.

Together we save our Ghana.
©Abdul Ghaffar Salifu


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