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Recent studies revealed that most marriages break down within the first five years. Reason being that most couples do not know, understand or appreciate what marriage entails. Others also see it as a game.

Among these category it is a game where the winner stays and enjoy whiles losers quit.

From my perspective Love is woven around five key elements of:
*Care and *Communication

These elements define love and are requirement for successful marriage.

For a woman to have good marriage, it is imperative she demonstrates fascinating womanhood characteristics. To a large extent, majority about 80 percent of successful marriages depend on women’s ability to exhibits such characters. These account for the reasons why the old adage “a woman holds the key to successful marriage” is true and valid even today.
Women holds the potency to building or destroying a man. For her to be a builder there are things that must be understood about the husband or partner.

Many factors can be attributed to marriage failures in recent times, the major one being wife’s inability to accept or recognize the man as he is. For Love embraces acceptance, respect and recognition. However, these attributes are no more and are placed under the carpet of modernity. Failure to apply these basic concepts comes with its own consequences which can be costly.

One workable strategy in marriage is accepting your man the way he appears and doing little to change him. Though changing him may results in positive outcomes it should be done tactfully in other not to offend him. To accept a man means accepting the inner being both positive and negative. Once done its an indication that you have welcome him wholely and faithfully into your heart as he is not another person probably an enemy.

Most women in an attempt to change their husbands makes mistake. Usually the approach adopted go contrary to the intended action which results in unpleasant situation.

Ladies are therefore advised to go beyond the physical being in order to understand men, that complex being.
This is because you loved and agreed to be his wife or partner and none other.

Every man knows his strength and weakness. To this all that men desire of women is understanding, recognition, respect and care. Trying to change him harshly is an indication of undermining his masculinity. If you love a man you ought to love everything on him. This is because the heart is too dedicate to toy with for this women should desist from that, in the name of am trying him.

Few woman have succeeded in changing their womanizing husbands though not easy. The key here is being humble and finding out things that may be classified as hindrance or improve her relationship and things that drives husbands to other women. Once these analysis are done and conclusions drawn she is half way to winning him back.

Again women must learn to respect and care for the freedom of their men. Let us give them the space to enjoy their peace and views but it should be be done with diligence.

Again, women need to be humble in their marriage. Let go of the feminine echo and be ready to submit to the man for the good old book preaches on submissiveness. After all a good woman is the one who light up the lantern, searches for the lost coin and jubilates afterwards when seen.

When women practice these things, the husbands love for them will be rekindled, thus saving the marriage

Alice Oppong Yeboah
Aka Nana Ama PAPABI
Human Rights/Social Development Consultant


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