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Pope Skinny who seemed provoked by Shatta Wale’s decision to retrieved a vehicle he gifted a former militant; Joint 77, took to his snapchat to rain insults on Shatta Wale. In his anguish, Pope Skinney dropped what is alleged to be Shatta Wale’s deepest secret; that he is HIV positive.

Counsellor Lutherodt reacting to this issue, said it was needless and nonsensical of Pope Skinny to evr have made such statement, irrespective of its truth or otherwise.

“Is Pope Skinney a medical doctor, or he works with Nugochi? Maybe he went to take the test with Shatta Wale and his came out negative so he want to tell people Shatta Wale is HIV positive. Does it concern him? Why do people tend to disclose people’s medical status in public” he fired.

Counsellor Lutherodt continued that the trend where Ghanaians have kept to disclosing people’s medical status and other private live matters must be stopped

Source:opera news

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