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Controversial counselor Lutterodt has taken a hard swipe at Free Love of Tv3 Date Rush fame. Talking on whether its right or wrong for a woman to look for a husband on Tv than a man coming home, the self acclaimed Counselor rubbished the show and called for its discontinuation from our screens.

Feeling intimidated, Free love expressed her point that its normal for women to go out there and look for husbands themselves. No matter the area. Been it on Tv or wherever.

” Shame on you.Read my lips. Big shame on you. You’re expiring so you have to go out looking for a husband on Tv. Look at you.Who does that? You could become my second wife but you’re too silly to disgrace yourself like this. Who advised you ? .I’m putting my nose mask on because of you. What you’ve done stinks.” He blasted Free Love on Neat FM.

Free love feeling uncomfortable on the show stood up and tried leaving the studios but Producers calmed her down. The Counselor followed her with the insults.

” You’ve rendered yourself so cheap. Tomatoes is far expensive than you. Look at your body, your color, your shape and all. You’ve disappointed womanhood ” He barked again.

Those words pinned Free love as she started shedding tears.

” No. I can’t be embarrassed this way. Frankly I can never be with a man like counselor Lutterodt. ” She said crying uncontrollably as the Counselor never kept quiet of the verbal abuse.

Tv3 Date Rush gives women the opportunity to come on live TV and look for a husband. A program many have criticized. But others also feels good about it.

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