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The COVID-19 figures are getting scarier by the day. As at April 12, the number of infected persons rised to 566 with eight perished, four recoveries and two in critical condition.

The government of Ghana faces its nightmare of economy as the disease ravage throughout the nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit some slums in Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly in Accra. The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Aminu Mohammed Zakaria confirmed of 31 cases of COVID-19 in within the Municipal. According to the information he received from meeting during live broadcast Sunday afternoon.

Affected areas include Mamobi, part of Accra Newton and part of Pig Farm. The 31 confirmed cases in the aforementioned areas are dangerous because it is easy for the infected person to transfer it others. Slums in Mamobi like O5 is very contagious. That’s if the COVID-19 pandemic breakout in the area, it is easy to spread very fast because of the nature of the area.

Although, the aforementioned areas are in lockdown but it can be transferred easily because they all use one toilet facility or public.

The citizens in the area normally come out from their homes due to the heat in the area. Contacting each other is common in those areas.

This is the time for the security personnel to work very hard in the affected places in Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly to stop spreading the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay at Home, Stop Spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

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