DEATH: Fear Of The Inevitable

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February 14, 2020
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February 14, 2020

DEATH: Fear Of The Inevitable

  1. Fear of the inevitable.

Fear of something that can’t be seen. Can it be referred to as something? Or someone? Sometimes I feel it needs to be accorded with the respect it deserves!

Is it a deity?

I ponder over how death is always lurking around the corner waiting to lay it’s cold icy hands over it’s victims.

What’s the point in living if I’m going to die?

What’s the point in amassing all kinds of wealth when I know I’ll die before I spend every dime?

Is this life really worth it?

What is life?

Is there a life?

What if we’re nothing but just a figment of a higher being’s imagination?


Kennedy Sackey
Kennedy Sackey
Silence is powerful. How about I share my silence through writing. Care to join me?


  1. Felix says:

    Beautiful write up keep at dude

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