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I want to die. I want to die. These words kept resonating in my head. I for one have kept an open mind about death. I didn’t fear it. I sometimes spoke about it to the extent of sending chills through the spines of my associates. I longed for it. It intrigued me.

This was the front I presented to the outside world. But who am I kidding, I know deep within me I’m as frightened as anyone else.

The thought of dying scared the crap out of me. I just had to keep this facade to impress my squad. Who would have known that it will take a pandemic to bring the feminine part of me out?

COVID-19 is a beast.

It knew no mercy. It claimed lives as if it owned them. The corona  couldn’t keep count of the bodies that came through his doors. Hope was eventually becoming a rare commodity. All were in despair.

The media wasn’t helping in any way. The infodemic often sidelined the pandemic.

Religions sought for answers from their dieties.

Science had not found any vaccine yet but death showed no empathy.

In a time like this, citizens kept to their antiseptics and bibles. Prayer had become an arduous task and it wasn’t met with excitement.

I hadn’t contracted the virus yet but had died already.

The mighty had fallen so soon. Suicide became an alternative. Would you rather die a quick and less painful death than be a victim of a disease that took it’s time to eat your insides before it granted you death? I wouldn’t wait and find out. I was leaving my loved ones. I was leaving everything I cherished. Cowardice had reared its ugly head. Death had made an order and I was serving it.

Unfortunately for death but fortunately for me a thought struck, people die everyday.

Why should I take the easy way out? If I follow the instructions from the authorities I will be safe.

I can spend time with my family and loved ones. I can strengthen my spiritual life by solidifying my relationship with the Creator.

Death wasn’t an option. Death shouldn’t be an option. We’ll pull through. We’ve got this. Sure there’s no vaccine.

Multitudes have fallen prey to the virus. Yet again multitudes didn’t succumb to it.

Many have survived. You will survive. Who cares if we get infected? This won’t be our end. We will rather die on our feet than to live on our knees.

This too shall pass.

Kandey Alhassan.
Confidence Mawusi.


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