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Upon the unexpected closure of the various schools of all levels in the country, the president of Ghana has partially lifted the ban for all final year students .

This situation to me, is somehow critical and has a lot of downs and negative impacts on students, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the nation at large. The disaster involved in the resuming of schools sooner are outlined below.

Firstly, many students , teaching and non-teaching staff are going to contract this virus at a high rate because as students move from their various homes to their various schools, who knows who is infected by his or her household ? As they even sit in cars and come into contact with their mates and all that ,they would have no idea about the infected ones in the car which might end up affecting them as well.

Secondly, the government does not have enough facilities or materials to help protect students against this virus. The facemask does a bit of work by fighting the virus which is of no use. Many people have recorded it that , despite the use of the facemask the virus was , the life contracted.

So students and other education personnels are in danger as government only relies on the facemask and other protocols which do not fight the virus completely.

Thirdly, Upon resuming schools once again, should a student be recorded and tested positive for the virus, I bet schools are going to be closed again like what happened in France .If this happens, there’s going to be waste of government resources which were allocated for the resuming of schools. Additionally, if one student gets infected , then it means that Such a student has already passed the virus to many students and upon closing schools again over that, students are to report home once again for social distancing.

NB: The writer is a final year Junior High School student.

The above write-up is solely the writer’s opinion and he will appreciate your thoughts on it.

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