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I visited the office to draft my business plan yesterday. There were six of us, five males and myself. I was really engulfed in what I was doing so much that I didn’t know when Abdallah and Raba went out. I paused my work, got down to pray and came back to continue. Just then the two came in with black polythene. I helped myself to get a sheet from the printer and that was when Abdallah handed me a plate to have it rinsed. Initially I was confused because I was absent-minded. I asked playfully “Should I throw this away?” We all chuckled. There I knew they brought food. I went downstairs and had the plate rinsed and took it back. We all ate. After I took the plate downstairs again to wash it!

While I was getting down, a thought ran through my head. “We were four people who ate and I am the one to go down again to wash the plate despite being the same person who rinsed it.” I pondered over this and came to a conclusion that I haven’t demean myself in anyway by taking that action on two bases being; I wasn’t the person who went to get the food neither was my money used to buy the dish! In other words it’s only courteous that I did what I’ve done to put in my contribution in getting our own selves satisfy our hunger.
The guys have done their part without me being aware. One thing for sure is I can’t tell whether they expected that I wash the plate afterwards but what difference will it have made even if they did? I generally do not go about the rants of feminists. I address situations based on the factors on which they occur. More often than not people’s argument about who is supposed to do what when it comes to role of men and women are fallacious.
If both of you are working, it’s only logical that you share responsibilities including paying of utility bills! Maybe then we can have some sanity.

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