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Abubakari Issaka is the CEO of Borlaplast. An initiative which seeks to improve the poor
sanitation condition in the Nima-Mamobi community through the creation of plastic bottle bins
and advocacy.
He was driven to commence this initiative because of his encounter with a Fisherman at Osu
who told him that most of the waste problems comes from Nima-Mamobi after his net caught
little fish and many plastics. This did not stop there until another time, a policeman also
described Nima-Mamobi as a place where residence dump refuse in drainages.
The encounter with these two people drove Issaka to start an initiative that has now
transformed significantly the way people treat refuse in the community.
Borlaplast has so far placed bins at schools, community centers, civil society organizations such
as West Africa Center for Counter Extremism, NGOs among others. He has also trained over 60
students who are now sanitation ambassadors in their various schools.
Also, the initiative has been able to save about 3 ½ tonnes of plastic bottles from getting into
our drainages. These saved bottles are used for upcycling and sanitation education.
The community has experienced some form of proper waste disposal since the inception of the initiative and he hopes to do more .

He recently bagged an award of recognition from African Cleanup Initiative (ACI) conference together with Abdul Gaffar Salifu who also is into recycling and reuse of plastics.



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