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This is a brief interview with the Ambassador of Face of Hijab, Halima Sadiya. A new modeling trend that seeks to promote and push decency among muslim girls and women.

What is FoH?

Face of Hijab is a newly introduced hijab and modesty
empowerment program, which seeks to promote,educate, unite and acknowledge versatile young Muslimahs at all stages of eeman.
This event will not be the run way type of modeling. It’s not only focused on showcasing the beauty of women rather will be based strictly on halal activities to help empower and educate young Muslim women on the importance of modesty per the Quran, hadith, other related Islamic books, teachings on the good Islamic and African moral ethics.
Face of Hijab is here to help educate young versatile muslimah to live their dreams in a halal manner and also know and understand the importance of living a modest life/ wearing the veil and to build the courage of wearing the veil anywhere they find themselves.

Why come up with this event?

We have realized the rise of indecency in our communities and also among Muslim ladies especially their life on social media. This is one of the key reason that pushed us to introduce this event.

When did it start?

FoH unofficially started two and half years ago but Alhamdulilah on the 20th of July 2019 it was officially launched.

Who is eligible to contest?

Every enthusiastic young muslimah who knows about her deen who at least has a secondary school education is eligible to contest for Face of Hijab.

What is your mission and vision?

Mission; FoH seeks to educate,empower and promote modesty among muslimahs.
Vision; we seek to help developed and build role models for young muslimahs to look up to.
Objectives; to foster unity among the Muslim community, to help exhibit capabilities of the muslimah towards national development and project the good morals ethics of our Deen.

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