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Two of Ghana’s celebrated comedians and actors, Funny Face and Lilwin seem to be making the most out of their popularity to gain much more attention and clout.

Funny Face sees himself as a city comedian while Lilwin is regarded as the village comedian thus the two, in recent times do not see eye to eye.

The breakdown of the sweet friendship between Benson and Kwadwo began when Funny Face received an award that Lilwin thought he should have been the rightful recipient.

Therefore, Lilwin and Funny Face began to drag each other in the mud and brag about who is more naturally-gifted than the other as far as comedy and acting in Ghana is concerned.

Lilwin or Kwadwo Nkansah is regarded as the most prolific comedian and movie personality in Ghana based on the hilarious stunts he pulls in severe films and theatrical pieces.

Funny Face or Benson Oduro Boateng is not the funniest of the comedians neither is he very charismatic in movies but he appears to be liked by most of the children in the city of Accra. The quality time he spends with the children has made him a household name.

Meanwhile, Lilwin did comment that Funny Face has blocked him from getting access to him after their social media brawl and disagreements.

Per that comment, Funny Face has replied by saying he has forgiven Lilwin but he is not going to accommodate or tolerate him again.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: I have forgiven you Kwadwo 🙏❤️ .. who am I ? Not to forgive you .. a boy from da street of Jamestown and Katamanto .. who is just here by grace and Favour of JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY .. only dat “ I want you to eat and be happy .. but just not ON MY TABLE “ I don’t play games !! KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU”

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