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Well, getting updated on the COVID 19 has become so complicated as fake news keeps flowing from different angles of sources of information.

However, no more worries as l come to you with the most convenient , accurate and reliable way for being updated on this COVID19 issue and most especially in the interests of our dear MOTHERLAND “GHANA”.

Amazingly , you will be updated so accuratly and conveniently with just some few steps to follow on your smartphone and this source of the information circulating the COVID19 directly comes from the MINISTER OF INFORMATION.

This comes to you directly through your WhatsApp inbox when you follow and apply the following steps:

1. Save this contact on your phone with any name of your interest( 055 531 1311)

2.Look up for the number in your WhatsApp list and send “Hi” to it ,then you select any option of your interest relating to the virus.

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