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Festive season is regarded as a special time dedicated for something special. In whichever we see it, we can link it to making it more special to our life and things that matter to us by doing something special to our partner that will leave a lasting good memory for a very long time. The following is recommended to be implemented by wives to their husband this special season:

Try not to provoke him in anyway:

You might have or not been quarreling and fighting all this while; provoking your husband with almost every action you take. Make it a key point to tolerate whatever “nonsense” that your husband will cause you this festive season. Nonsense does not mean domestic violence to the wife. I refer to tolerating a bad habit you have been always fighting on. Do not provoke him to anger in anyway, let him feel like a king this festive season. Forget about your ego, let this season be a moment he will remember for a long time. Exclusive to

Prepare a special meal:

You may have always been cooking for him on a regular meal. Make it a point to prepare a special meal and a special treat for him this festive season. Let him feel your magical cooking skills by preparing a meal that have not been regularly prepared for him. I bet you, he will even bite his tongue and call you to nurse it for him; after which the romantic session can go on.

Buy a special gift:

Most of the time the husband buys gift for the wife. This has been the norm because we profess men to be caretakers of women. As such, women always depend on men for gifts and many others. In marriage, buying gift is a mutual activity; the husband does it and the wife also follow suite. Make this festive season a special one by surprising him with a special gift that he will remember for a very long time. The gift should not necessarily be that expensive or huge, you can buy what you can afford but it should be presentable and most importantly, how you present it, is also very important. The presentation is as important as the gift itself.

Take him out and Spend Quality Time Together:

Often time the man always takes the woman out to spend on her on dates or special occasions. To make this festive season a special one for your man, take him out and foot the bill; let him know that you can also make him feel special and you have the financial capability of spending on him too. Also, try as much as possible to spend quality time out of your busy schedule with him. It might be that your career affords little time for your husband, use this festive season as a time to recover the time lost, let your man feel so special. Spend time to communicate and have fun; your communication shouldn’t be structured, discuss special moments felt together including jokes and humours. Exclusive to

Give him a special romantic massage and sex:

Don’t take him to a Spa; do it yourself. At least take a day out of these festive days to massage your husband and give him good special sex. Here is how to carry out the massage: bath him, let him lie on the bed after bathing and wiping or drying him. Get a massaging oil or olive oil; it could even be a shear butter. Gently rub it and massage every part of the body leaving the penis for the last session. So you start the massaging from the back of his neck to his toes and turn him over and continue from his chest down to his foot. You then gently massage the penis, kiss or “lick the penis” (if you can) and finally give him a good sex position. The picture below is the recommended sex position for your husband this festive season; it is self-explanatory, enjoy it and make an impact in the life of your man this festive season. I wish you well, stay blessed. Exclusive to

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