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I am a woman
I am smart
I am beautiful
I am intelligent
I am amazing

I have the ability to project and reflect the future
Am not a fortune teller

I am a woman
Daughter of the sun
I cultivate smiles with my radiant heart

I am a woman
Owner of men
Co-creator of God
Nurture of the universe

I am a woman
Am powerful
A diamond
The most astonishing of all creation

I am a woman
Call me water
Am clam enough to quench your thirst
But strong enough to choke you to death

I am a woman
light of the woman
Incubator of souls
Consoler of men
Mother to the motherless

Yes I woo men
I own men
Controller of Kings
Ruler of empires

I am a woman
Queen of kings
Mother of nations

I am a woman
I deserved to be died for

Read about all the woman in holy Scriptures
Mother Thersa

These women changed the world forever
Each and every one of us is,
The same power
The same strength
Same changing world capabilities
And it is our responsibility to find that woman

And set that woman free
That is who we are

©Mubarak Salifu Counsilor | Mubah Speaks

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