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The frontier and leader”Western Togoland”, Charles Kormi Kudzordzi, has challenged the assertion of government that he took to heels out of the country after pronouncing independence.

The old aged man of 85 popularly known as “Papavi” has relayed that he knows not the reason for his search.

“To look for me, I don’t know the reason, to take me somewhere, I don’t know what they are going to do to me,” he said.

He continued: “Human as I am, I will not present myself. I am in the country anyway, I have not traveled or hidden anywhere but I want the government to show maturity. Invite me legally through my lawyers and I will present myself.”

For the past week, the country has been in a state of tumult as the “Homeland Study Group Foundation” declared their independence from Ghana at a public gathering of its members.

Search has been mounted from then man hunting for the leader behind the so called break away from Ghana, Volta region and parts of the Northern and Upper East regions.

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