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Recently news about Kennedy Agyapong went round about him being detained by US authorities at Houston airport over the murder of investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein Suale who was shot dead by unknown assassins.

Member of Parliament for Assin Central was detained for several hours when he landed at the airport for business in the States last week.

The business tycoon and lawmaker admitted in an interview that he was detained close to six hours. He was made to answer questions about the murder of Ahmed Suale.
“I was detained for over five hours, I entered there around three and left at eight” he said pledging to “drag Anas to the bottom of hell”

“They asked me to sit step aside and ordered me to come in as they asked of my involvement in the death of Ahmed Suale…they said I instructed people to beat him up which I replied the fact that I made people beat him up didn’t mean I staged his death…” he narrated.

The authorities asked him if he would want to call the Ambassador and he said “hell no” . He believed he had not sinned. The encounter has rather gingered him to probe further and expose Anas.
Ace investigative journalist and lead investigator of the TigerEye ,Anas Arimiyaw Anas, has petitioned the US Congress and FBI to follow the murder case of which Ken Agyapong claimed he has no knowledge about.
The MP has made an offer of 100,000 cedis to anyone who helps in finding the killer of Hussein Ahmed Suale.

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