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Maverick Ghanaian politician, Kennedy Agyapong has jubilated over the difficulties one of her children is going through.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong revealed on Oman FM, a discussion which was monitored by that one of her children is suffering after she didn’t listen to his advice.

The Assin Central MP stated that he is someone who disciplines his children but he leaves those who don’t listen to him to do whatever they want.

He recounted his daughter who was very brilliant and wrote an SOS examination one time and passed is now troubled.

Sadly, Hon. Agyapong said his daughter scaled a wall to have a sexual encounter with a Nigerian guy and that led to her dismissal from the school.

After her mother had picked her, she wrote another exam and passed to gain admission at California Institute of Architectural.

On another sad note, the outspoken politician disclosed his daughter dropped out of the school after he had spent a lot of money (84,000 dollars per semester) on her school fees for the three years she was in the school.

According to him, he was in a flight to China when her daughter called to inform him about her dropping out of school.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong further stated that they later found out she was addicted to cocaine and asking men to have sex with her.

He disclosed how happy he was when he heard her stubborn daughter was on social media begging for money to enrol into Ohio State University for an associate degree recently.

However, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong posited using the remaining of her school fees to purchase two Bentley after she dropped out of school—and he nearly wrote ‘Kwasea Bi School Fees Nti…’, but her wife advised him to stop.

He professed his daughter will suffer but those who listen to his advise are happy in life.


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