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There is a Japanese art form called Kintsukuroi (“to repair with gold”) in which, for example, broken pottery is put back together in a way that the cracks are highlighted (often with gold-laced grout) not hidden.

It grows from a poetic philosophy that our injuries, endurance, pursuit of healing, recovery and perseverance are to be celebrated – a nuanced, true, difficult and beautiful reflection – not hidden or minimized.

On those increasingly frequent hard days, it’s an inspiring frame to consider.

How often have we looked in the mirror and lamented the inevitable signs of aging rather than felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in “the patina of life” that reflects proof of survival and a uniquely wonderful evolution.

Seeing the good is an ancient art.
Perhaps now is the time to commit ourselves to embracing Kintsukuroi with respect to ourselves, relationships with family, friends, neighbors, fellow-citizens, those that come to this land from afar, and those with whom we share this earth, including all living things and the climate that makes this world hospitable for life.

The time is now.
The future is not promised. Let’s begin our repairs and make the world strongest where it has been broken.
©Prince Nabil


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