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Few hours ago there has been a circulation of news which said headmistress of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Senior High School has banned Muslim students from observing their obligatory prayers.

According to the president of the Ghana Muslim Students’ Association, Muwaffaq Usman Adam, the news should be treated as a “hoax”

From the statement issued on the association’s various social media platforms, Mr. Usman Adam phoned the patron of the SHS, Mr Mansur, who told him the message was untrue.

Kandeyalhassan.com has also gathered that the KNUST SHS will be hosting the Ashanti Regional GMSA Quiz competition and it is by the permission of the headmistress.
The Association has therefore entreated the public to disregard the news.

Read the statement below:


๐Ÿ—“ FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND, 2019๐Ÿ—“
_*Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarkatuhu*_

Regarding the fresh news circulating around on social media pages that the headmistress of KNUST SHS has banned the Muslim-students in that school from praying, GMSA-KNUST publicly announces to the general public to treat the news as a hoax.

The President of this aforementioned association by phone call with the Patron of the Muslim students in the high school has confirmed this news to be far from truth.

The patron, by name Mr. Mansur is quoted as saying “In fact it is completely not true”.

He further said that their school school will be hosting the Ashanti Regional GMSA Quiz Competition and it is by the permission of the headmistress that they are hosting this Quiz Competition for the Muslims.

By this GMSA-KNUST conclusively inform the general Muslim and non-Muslim public that this news should be disregarded with all contempt and be treated as a big hoax that was intended by perpetrators for their personal gains or to defame this Innocent Headmistress.

*Jazaakumullahu Khairan*

โœ Signed;
~Muwaffaq Usman Adam

~ Nazira Kwanda
(General Secretary )

~Abdul Aziz A. Karim
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