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Just recently, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was in the news about the removal of the Hijab of a Muslim candidate sitting for the Licensure examination of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Today another news we have confirmed indicates the headmistress of the KNUST SHS has been perpetrating a gross disrespect on the rights of Muslim students attending the school she is in charge of.

In the 1992 Ghanaian constitution, every individual is granted the rights to make a choice of a particular religion and manifest the religion as such. No person or group of persons have the right to prevent anyone from manifesting his or her choice of religion.

However the headmistress of KNUST SHS has since her assumption prevented Muslim students of the school from praying the five daily prayers manifestly on the campus.

Speaking to a student under anonymity, the headmistress is believed to have told the Muslim students she won’t allow them to pray on any part of the campus and no one can prevent her as the school is a Christian school and not an Islamic school. She also challenged them to go to whatever extent as she is not perturbed and not even the Director of GES could make her rescind her decision.

Muslim students on the KNUST SHS campus have therefore been worried since this development as they are not able to offer their prayers or would have to seek hideouts somewhere in the bushy areas of the campus to say their prayers. The headmistress is said to have driven them away from the small demarcation on the campus where students have been praying for a long period now. She has also vowed to punish any student sh sees praying on the campus.

We are still making efforts to reach the headmistress to make a comment about this development.



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