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Some Ghanaian musicians have commended the Chairman of the Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar, as well as the board members for putting in place measures to streamline the operations of the collective society.

According to them, the administrative system of the organisation has been restructured to allow for efficient management, proper checks and balances.

They added that they are happy that the right calibre of people have been recruited and given the free hand to run affairs of the collective society.

The musicians mentioned that GHAMRO has achieved a lot within the last two years, and its achievements have exposed the activities of critics who have accused its leadership of mismanagement.

Speaking to BEATWAVES after a meeting held in Accra, the musicians confessed that they were part of those who agitated for the removal of Rex Omar and the board members of GHAMRO, adding that they have regretted their decision because Rex Omar and the board members have worked tirelessly towards bringing sanity into GHAMRO’s operations.

They, however, debunked allegation of mismanagement against the GHAMRO, describing it as childish and unnecessary campaign against GHAMRO and its leadership.

They have, therefore, challenged critics to produce evidence of wrongdoing against GHAMRO board members and its chairman.

They advised critics to channel their energies towards creating job opportunities for the musicians instead of creating unnecessary tension in the music industry.

The musicians also called for drastic measures to be taken by the music stakeholders to weed out those whose activities had brought the industry to a standstill, creating more problems for it.

The musicians also cautioned the media to cross-check facts before publication, and not allow themselves to be used by unscrupulous persons with selfish interests.


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