Monday, September 28, 2020
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Dressing is an act of putting on clothing.
A person dresses in other to cover parts of his body for a reason. All persons, whether man or woman, is supposed to dress modestly.
Making an effort to dress well is important because it reflects your personality and who you are. It can also make bonding with like-minded people easier. If connections and your social status are important to you, then dressing well is key as it can bring you a lot of opportunities.
Most often when a lady is being raped, we tend to put blame on the lady instead of the rapist just because the lady isn’t “properly” dressed. Why do we associate wrong with blame games? Who defines a “proper dressing” any way?
A woman has the right to dress in whichever way that fits her body, and any man who rapes or sexually assault her should be justly dealt with.
Even if a woman is half naked it is only a lustful being that will get attracted to her. Some men just can’t control themselves to the extend that they defile zero-month old babies. Is that too a cause of improper dressing.
I remember last year, I attended an event about gender based violence, a Nigerian radio presenter based in Ghana who was a panelist mentioned that there is a city in Nigeria where ladies dare not walk pass there in indecent dressing if not, they would be raped. Most of us were furious hearing that, seriously no one has the right to touch anyone in a wrong way just because they were improperly dressed.
As far as I am concerned, there is no law against indecent dressing and even if there is you are supposed to sue the person not sexually abused her.
When a lady is being raped, her dressing shouldn’t matter. What matters is the man. He should control what is between his legs if not face justice.
Women have equal rights as men and whoever abuses the right of the other has to face the justice.

©Inna Hajar Osman Diko

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