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A Nigerian player who plays for a Slovenian club has been fired for having an affair with the club president’s daughter.

The affair ended up with the young lady getting pregnant.

The player was said to have joined the club which is a second division team only for six months.

He was sacked for being indiscipline even though he agreed he was responsible.

According to him, they were in love and decided to get a baby. To cap it all, the said lady is an adult.

He therefore didn’t understand why he was sacked.

The particular player’s name has been concealed thought four names appear but it is unclear who among the four was sacked.

The names registered with the team were Bede Osuji, Temitope Nelson, Gerald Chiyoke and Sulaiman Adedoja.

The player involved in the issue has returned to his motherland and he is perturbed about his soon to be baby mama.

He was recorded saying:

” I signed a three year deal with the option of another year but last month I ran into trouble when my girlfriend who happens to be the daughter of the president said she was pregnant for me”, he said.

” The club got to know about it and summoned me for a meeting. I got there and admitted that I am responsible for the pregnancy and I was told to stay at home and not to be seen around the club premises until I am instructed to return.

” A week later I was called to the office and told that my agent has been informed about their plans to terminate my contract for gross misconduct and indiscipline. The news came to me as a surprise because I have not been found wanting in any area since I arrived the club six months ago”.


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