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Over 200 markets in Accra, Kumasi, Tema, Kasoa and Obuasi were on overcrowded yesterday, 28th March,2020.

Customers were busy buying food stuffs that could contain them for at least a period of two weeks. Accra, Kumasi, Tema, Kasoa and Obuasi are going to face a lockdown to stop spreading the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dangerous thing is, the people who went to the markets.  Assuming two people are having the COVID-19 virus, they can easily spread it in the market through purchases of food stuffs, exchange of money, coughing, touching each other etc.

The COVID-19 may also spread within their families and friends during this two weeks lockdown.

Nevertheless, those who are travelling from Accra to their hometown, Kumasi to their hometown etc may also carry the COVID-19 pandemic to their families in their villages.

The possibility is that the number of cases of will increase in Ghana  because of the above mentioned reasons.

Let’s stay at home. Obey the directives, but we should give space at least 1mm to each other.

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