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Youthful Ghanaian rapper, AMG Armani is troubled about individuals who label him as an extortion kid.

He addressed why these individuals didn’t make their sentiments about his life heard when he was hustling.

Armani told Zion Felix in a meeting on the ‘Whole Show’ that it is difficult when individuals make such comments.The ‘Permitted’ rapper said each one of those creation such remarks will be glad if God favors them with cash.

Armani, who was not prepared to unveil his wellspring of pay, implied that he has different organizations separated from music.

He likewise inquired as to why his wellspring of pay was not addressed at the time he was selling lamp oil and did other modest employments.

Armani contended most artists parade vehicles, houses and different things yet their wellsprings of salary are not from music alone.

The AMG rapper uncovered all the things he referenced in his melodies are things he possesses, including that, he wouldn’t like to boast about something he doesn’t have.

As of now, Armani who portrays himself as a hawker openly referenced vehicle sales center as another wellspring of his pay after he declined to reveal before in this meeting.


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