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Dear Old friends

Permit me to write,

to you once again
Of things I missed,
so now I must say

I remember the stories,
the dreams and visions
Of how great we want to be
Of how we’ll live together
If only we knew back then….

Today is bright, but without smiles
The sun is shining but without kites
The rain fell but without us,
to run about and play

I took a walk down,
the alleys we used to play
It carried screams and dreams
Of some who are beneath earth
And others, who we are yet to meet

But… Oh
I still take joy
That some dreams are alive
And some visions are now

And our toil isn’t in vain after all

So many lessons learnt
But life is an endless class
I assumed we enrolled late
And it seems we may not graduate
Is there more we need to know?

Maybe yes we do
But time is fleeting
And everything is changing
Where we stand today
Will be another’s someday

And to those we missed
I say a prayer to you
Both far and near
Sometimes, this life we can’t tell
Things happen and we only have to live

Poetry: OLD FRIENDS..! #1

©Mystic Wanderer


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