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Staying faithful has little to do with your partner and it has everything to do with you as a man.

It is up to you to treat one woman like a Queen.
Loving and flirting with a million women proves or amounts to nothing, but loving one woman in a million ways makes you great and dope.

There’s a lot of happiness in faithfulness cause it’s so fulfilling to love your woman above all women. A man who keeps wandering from one woman to another never finds true happiness.

Flirting with someone else when you’re in a relationship or marriage is all shades of wrong and disrespectful. If you want to flirt, flirt with your partner. If roles were to be reversed, I’m sure you won’t take it. Don’t do to your partner or spouse what you wouldn’t want them to do to you no matter how you feel like doing it.

If you don’t want your partner or spouse to know what you’re doing, then you probably shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing in secret.


It’s a choice you made because you obviously don’t give a damn about your commitment and your partner or spouse cause you’re selfish.

Once you start flirting with someone while you’re in a relationship or marriage, you’re there and that’s cheating and it will cause you pain.


Cheating while seemingly fleshy satisfying never fixes problems in your relationship or marriage and it never gives the joy you really need in the long run no matter what you do.

No matter what the other person does or did, stepping out of your relationship or marriage to flirt will never solve the problem or give you lasting peace. Sharing your soul with an more persons is a tremendous and stressful burden.

If you are married, engaged or in a committed relationship with someone, please stay the hell out of other women’s inbox and if you’re in relationship or married as a lady, stay with your man and work on your marriage and both of you should do the needful and make it work.

© Prince Quarshiega Young

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