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I had to cross to the other side.
My bucket on my head. I hid my pride.
She went about her duties as though she hadn’t seen a passerby.
I took the first step which wasn’t very high.

She quit her motherly act of scouring for food.
Her scream was so deadly it was heard throughout the hood.
She was protecting her chicks,
I had no intention of harming them,
It was then I felt a slight prick,
She tugged on the hem of my dress which was to me like a gem.

Jumping up and down she shrieked, She flew her normal 3 feet high and pecked at me,
Unfortunately my bucket was at my side, it took the attack for me but then it leaked.
This mother hen knew no gentility.

She felt the need to protect her little ones.
I felt judgement had been passed to me and it could not be undone.
She’s not to be reasoned with, although I felt she could speak,
Or was it just a myth.
Now my bucket had a leak.

©The Void.

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7 months ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

7 months ago
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Thank you Mr. AffiliateLabz.

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