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Most often at times impotent men are the reason for the York they bear. Others are as a result of past Aliments that were not completely flushed out of the system at a tender age.
In this article we would be looking at 6 reason why a man can be impotent.

1. Alcohol:

Alcohol consumption as really done more harm than good to men, frequent alcohol intake has been attributed to reduced testosterone, promote erectile dysfunction and are counter-productive sperm production.

2. Varicocele

This can be described as the swelling of veins within the scrotum, this blocks normal blood flow in the area, which is quite unhealthy for sperm growth.

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs).

Infections such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia, if left not properly treated, can lead to impotency in men, as this infection destroys the passage of sperm in the body.

4. Smoking:

Smoking has been attributed as a leading cause in low sperm count and if possible infertility.

5. Mumps:

The infection known as mumps is not very popular but it is an infection after all, this infection, mostly occurs in children and those in puberty, its usual signs are painful neck and fever, it can also be suffered by adult, this infection can lead to infertility in men, the good news is it can be prevented via its vaccines.

6. Excessive intake of drugs:

drugs intake in excess proportion can lead to temporary reduction in the amount of quality sperm production

Others are Lifestyle, If your jobs specifications requires that you sit down for a longer period of time, this results in to low sperm quality.

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