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Discovering what most people use to cook their food all is surprising and incredible, since they want their food to cook quicker than the average time it usually takes.

For instance, I was shocked when I discovered that the majority of people use potash to cook their boobs, but that most use paracetamol and potash to boil all meats, because they want to do the meat quicker and do nothing to their health, I was more shocked and astonished.

More commonly, it’s because they want to get their meat ready to cook faster to save time and to make more money. In this article, I ‘m telling you why you should stop using these two ingredients to boil your meat and how they could harm your kidneys and liver if you continue to use them:

1. Potash and

2. Paracetamol

So please, to protect your life and the lives of the people you are cooking for, you need to take this information seriously and if you know someone who uses it to cook please warn them, if they fail to stop, please report it to the police, as the NAFDAC National Agency for Food and Drug Administration has advised Nigerians not to use these ingredients to cook because of Its devastating health effects.

Potash and paracetamol are not intended for cooking purposes, in particular because of the quantity of toxic chemicals they produce under heat, particularly paracetamol. These chemicals can slowly destroy cells in your liver and kidney as you transfer these chemicals for detoxification into your liver and kidney, but they start damaging these organs slowly if they are accumulated in high quantities.

I discovered for paracetamol that over one pack of the drug is used to make their meats done more quickly. First of all, this is an overdose, because typically the excessive amount of paracetamol in the body causes hepatotoxicity, which is the destruction of the liver cells. The liver and the kidney are two vital cells in the body, they are involved in nearly all the biochemical processes, so if you destroy them, you risk not only the liver but the whole system.

Photo credit: The Guardian

1. Without the liver the drugs you are taking can not be processed

2. Without your liver, your body can not store excess food you consume as nutrients that can lead to high levels of sugar and high levels of amino acid (protein digestion) in your body that can cause a variety of health problems.

3. Your body can’t flush out toxins or liquid waste from your body without your kidneys

4. Your body can’t control your blood pressure without your kidneys, particularly for people with heart attacks or high blood pressure

5. Without your kidney, your body can not regulate your body’s water content, which can result in excess accumulation of water and other chemicals in your body that can cause a medical condition known as oedema (or swelling of parts of your body like the neck, ankle, etc.).

please you can prevent a few things. When you consider using these two ingredients to boil your beef.


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