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Life one way or the other makes us act stupidly. One may disagree with me that stupidity can never be a virtue.

But I say relax and read on as I unfold the virtue of stupidity.
Ever wondered why you are in a relationship when you know it could break at any point in time?
Ever marveled why there are many graduates unemployed yet you pursue school?
Why do you trust someone when you know the trust can be betrayed?
In response to the rhetorical, stupidity is what pushes one to do such.
“But how?” A question like that will run through the mind.
From the perspective of relationship (marriage), many a number learn from their mistakes. Until he or she has felt some disappointments, he or she never learns.
Right before you, you’ve witnessed a friend or a sibling suffers heartbreak from a relationship.  He or she was devastated and has become so miserable to the peak.
Some who couldn’t bear it turned into Second in Command to the demonic Lucifer and have managed to earn themselves a degree in jail.
Are they to be blamed?
They have invested their whole in that relationship only to get to nowhere.

And all along you were there. Conscience I believe still exists so is the “sixth number”.
And yet still you venture into a relationship despite what you have seen.
The only thing which could make one do that is stupidity.
That “virtue” is in the veins of every breathing creature. You are a “god” if you have never been stupid before.
Great men have been betrayed and hurt while trying to be nice.
You want to also get hurt?
A silent “no” you may answer yourself.
So why do you venture into it only to have a bad experience.
That foolishness makes one go into relationship with the thoughts that if “hers or his didn’t work, it doesn’t mean mine is not going to be successful”.
And is that not being stupid?
Because no lessons have been taken from other’s experiences.
Our elders say “A fool learns from his mistakes only”.
Magnificently, by the act of being in a relationship despite the uncertainties displays stupidity.
Then you say it is not a virtue?
One can never live single.
Even Adam was given Eve for companionship. So sad they landed out of Eden to earth.
Yes he ate the Apple when he knew he shouldn’t have.

Even the first man was stupid and his act led to the story of you and I.

Stupidity is needed in every person to enable him or her get a partner.
Sometimes in a lifetime, every man needs stupidity to push him into perhaps winning or failure.
It all depends. All men are equal and the same but different.

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