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The story of our innocent days
It began slowly and gently yet unexpectedly
It never had a name yet we never saw it a game
We smiled with utmost sincerity at the little things and everything fell in its place
And we walk in the woods when we had to shy away from the hood

Our teeth weren’t white but our smiles were bright
Enough to lighten our plight we got filled with all the might
So we became the energy behind each other’s light
And on the early mornings before the cock crows
We wake up with a refreshing dew to meet a bond which always feels new

But the traveler of the night says goodbye in the morning
So before the sun may peak on our union fate changed our course
Of the beautiful childhood memories we share I kept dear than any
For many came along but yours always stands out because it was sincere

So when the rains hit the grounds now and then
It drums memories that my soul can’t help but dance to
Beneath the shade of the waakye seller’s tent
Young, wild and free was the emotions that am yet to feel again

©Hamza Hajj Ayub

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1 year ago

I found your web site from Google and I have to say
it was a fantastic find. Many thanks!

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