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Abigail, the girl who stabbed her colleague in the head because of a biology textbook has been suspended by the management of Tamale Islamic Senior High school.

As promised, kandeyalhassan.com followed knife stabbing case to the end.

According to sources close to Abigail, She said it was left with two other people in her hit list after the incident. The names of those two potential victims are unknown yet. This statement caused some fear and panic in the school as everyone was scared they could be next.

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But Her suspension has brought a short term solution to the fear and panic in the school and everybody is calm and has continued their normal daily schedules for now.

Abigail is yet to come back to school on the 18 of March 2020 to face the Disciplinary Committee.

Meanwhile, Humaima has been discharged from the hospital and responding to treatment. She was then given the permission by the school management to go home and continue her recovery process.

If you are reading this, say a prayer for Humaima to get well speedily in order to join her colleagues as soon as possible.


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