The Creaking In my Rooftop.

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August 31, 2019
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August 31, 2019

The Creaking In my Rooftop.

“Oh no! These cats are at it again in my ceiling”. These has been my thoughts for the past nights.
I heard some movements at night but I couldn’t place where it came from. It continued again and again till i finally heard a cat meow. I heaved a sigh of relief because I thought it was the cats going about their ‘normal’ business, and that it was going to be momentarily. Little did I know that that I was in for a ride.
It has been three nights in a row and I still can’t find some good sleep. Why is she making all that noise by the way?. Afterall, she was the one that invited him over. After I chased him away the first night, she gave me attitude the next morning when I came to feed her, so, am not doing the chasing anymore. Looking at his demeanor, one can easily conclude that he is going to be a deadbeat dad(hit and run). I have to start rationing her food because these nocturnal activities have the makings of unintended pregnancies.

Hope I sleep well tonight.

Abdallah Issah


  1. The Void says:

    Please give us daily progress with respect to you and your pet. If she will put to bed soon or you put her on family planning. 😂

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